• Speaking Services to Educate and Inspire
    Speaking Services to Educate and Inspire


Empowering your audience to JUMP into their dreams!

Margie empowers health, fitness and service professionals around the country to step out of their comfort zone, face those limiting conversations, and JUMP into their dreams.

In Margie's presentations, audiences are not just spectators; they are participants in the process of making that JUMP, and creating what they can imagine. It is a journey that Margie takes people on, not a spectator sport.
Keynote Topics:

Soup for Success: Essentials for your Business Dreams

Three essential steps to your dream business: Creating a service business is MORE than just writing a business plan. You must first determine what you want to create, who you want to serve, and what makes you unique. In this hands-on presentation, the audience walks away with a clearer insight into who they are and what they want to create.

Time Control: Oxymoron or Achievable Goal?

Do you feel you never have time to accomplish all you strive to during the day? Controlling your time is the key to true happiness and success. But where does your time go? Can you REALLY take control of your time? Margie will share three simple tips you can implement immediately in this fun and timely presentation.

Put your boots on: Bootstrapping Your Business to Success

Have you imagined starting a business, but hold back because you don’t have any money? Don’t let that hold you back! Over 99% of all businesses have started on a shoestring budget, or by ‘bootstrapping’. Audiences will learn what bootstrapping is, what companies have started this way, and walk away with very specific tips on how they can use bootstrapping immediately to grow their businesses.

Dealing with the Voices in your head: Limiting Conversations

Do you have a dream, yet you continue to tell yourself it’s not possible? In this session, the audience will walk through a series of exercises to address their fears of failure, or fears of success. They will walk away with a better sense of what is holding them back, and a call to action to move forward.

Niche Creation: Your Ideal Client Is the Key to your Ideal Business

They say we have to specialize in order to be successful as service professionals. However, many professionals hesitate: They say this will limit their success. In this presentation, the audience will learn how identifying their ideal clients actually lead to success. They will walk away with a better picture of who their ideal clients are in this hands-on presentation.

So You Want to Save the World! What Is Your Vision?

Many people imagine creating a business that will ‘set them free’. However, when you ask them what they want to create, they hesitate. And that dream remains… just a dream. This presentation will present the audience with very specific exercises to help them identify what they have a passion for and what they want to create.

Using Life Coaching to Increase Client Success Rates and Raise your Income Level

Coaching is HOT! And it's ideal for health professionals! Learn what coaching is, what it takes for you to become a coach, and walk away with some simple coaching strategies you can use immediately!

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Marjorie Geiser has given presentations at the following events, plus more:

  • Northern Arizona Dietetic Association, 2010
  • Arizona State Dietetic Association, 2010
  • American Dietetic Association FNCE 2009
  • SCAN Sports Nutrition Workshop 2009
  • California Dietetic Association Annual Meeting 2009
  • American Dietetic Association FNCE 2005
  • Poster session FNCE 2004
  • California Dietetic Association - Inland Empire
  • National Strength & Conditioning Association Personal Trainers Conference
  • National Multiple Sclerosis Association
  • San Jose Pennsula District Trends 2009
  • Northern Arizona Dietetic Association 2010
  • American Association of Diabetes Educators 2010

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