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Simple Cardiac Step Test

When you are planning your assessment tools for clients and want to conduct a cardiac step test, do you find it hard to just say, "Up, up, down, down" and feel it's accurate? I sure didn't! So, I hunted and hunted until I found an audio file that would time for me.

This audio link is for personal trainers who need a metronome for the cardiac step test during their assessments and re-assessments.


Questionnaires for Trainers

Why did your new personal training client contact you? What is their previous experiences with fitness and testing? Do they have current or previous injuries that you need to be aware of? These forms will help you discover your new personal training client.


Contracts for Personal Trainers

Forms to protect you and your personal training business. Get it in writing and protect yourself! All business should include signed agreements and necessary releases before starting to work with personal training clients.


Assessment Forms

Keep track of your personal training clients' progress with these forms. Everything the personal trainer might need to keep track of clients' progress or to keep fitness clients on track. PLUS forms to keep your clients motivated.