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How To Write A STAND OUT Website That Attracts The Clients You Want

debgilroyFeaturing Debra Gilroy, Ph.D.

What can a STANDOUT website do for health and fitness professionals?
What makes a health or fitness website STANDOUT from the crowd?
What is e-voice and why is it important on a website?
What is important for health and fitness professionals to know about writing for their website?

Deb Gilroy helps coaches and service entrepreneurs discover and integrate their unique e-voice into their e-marketing materials so they can attract the clients they want. She provides e-marketing writing services including total website, e-zine, blog, social media and article packages. Her unique background of journalism, corporate communications, e-marketing and psychology (she is a licensed psychologist) bring a special understanding to the needs of coaches and service entrepreneurs.

Writing for our own websites often brings up signs of frustration, writers' block and just a little cringing. We often put updating or creating new material for our site on the back burner, yet your website is a critically important gateway to attracting the clients you want to serve. Learn how you can capture your e-voice and integrate into your website easily and with professionalism AND pizazz.

You’ll learn:

  • What makes a Website STANDOUT?
  • How to identify and capture your unique "e-voice"
  • How to integrate that voice into your professional website
  • How to spread the word about your site and your work

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