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    Resources - The Info You Need Now!

Our success is only limited by our imagination!
How do you grow your business?

We know you are an expert in health and fitness. But you struggle with growing your business because BUSINESS is NOT your expertise!

Listen to these successful entrepreneurs as they share their secrets and insight on today's most critical marketing and business topics.

How can a newsletter help build your nutrition business?

Growing a business CAN feel overwhelming! Where is the best place to spend your marketing time and money?

You are aware though, that in order to grow a thriving wellness business you need a compelling online presence, today.

And part of that presence includes a newsletter. But you don't know where or how to get started.

It all feels so overwhelming!

Come join us as Yvette Quantz helps clarify some of the confusion you feel, and share the benefits of including an e-newsletter in your business marketing plan, turning potential clients into paying clients.

In "How can a newsletter help build your nutrition business?" Yvette will:

  • Share how to build your list of ideal clients who hang on your every word,
  • Explain why you need a newsletter in your practice,
  • Show you what content should be included in a newsletter,
  • How to get started with a newsletter, and
  • MUCH, MUCH more!

Imagine walking away from this call with a clear picture of what you need, and how to proceed!

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About Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN, CLT

yvetteYvette combines her knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness with her creative energy and passion for business and seeing other businesses succeed into the unique concept of Customized Nutrition Newsletters www.customizednutritionnewsletters.com  Founded in 2008, Yvette saw there was a missing link in the market place for busy nutrition, health, and fitness professionals to effectively market and brand their services while staying connected with clients and reaching out to potentially new clients in a cost and time effective way.

Yvette's devotion to the field and her clients' success can be seen in the personalized approach she takes with each business using her services. She is constantly working on new ideas and concepts to help enhance, market, and brand other health and fitness professionals in cost and time effective ways. Yvette also runs her private practice, Food Therapy and much of the inspiration she gets for new products and services is from what she experiences in working with individual clients and managing her business.

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