• Classes...because knowledge is power!
    Classes...because knowledge is power!

Food Sensitivity Series for Wellness Professionals

Food Sensitivities Home Study Course

You just got a call from a potential IBS or fibromyalgia client. Now what?

The allergist's prick reveals nothing, your patient is still hurting, do you have the tools to say "yes" to food sensitivity referrals? Or is nutrition in this area someone else's job?

When they call, you want to be confident and prepared! And you want that patient to be so happy that they refer others to you!

Dear Wellness Professional,

Are you someone who:

    • Wants to expand into food sensitivities, but are not sure how to get started?
    • Is seeing more and more people with allergies, and feel there has to be a better way to help them?
    • Is curious about testing, elimination diets and how to treat your toughest clients with ease?

Wellness professionals today are being challenged with clients who just want their health problems resolved! And if YOU can't help them, they'll find someone else who can! But science moves so fast, that you feel behind in the latest ways to treat such clients. And you're not really sure who to trust for education on this topic.

Michal Hogan, RD, LD,CLT, of Nutrition Results, LLC, is a nutrition expert who has successfully built a thriving private practice seeing literally HUNDREDS of patients whose symptoms could not be resolved by other health professionals. There isn't a better expert to walk you through everything you need to know about food sensitivity and how to grow your business with this expertise in your services pocket!

How will the Food Sensitivity Series - A Practicum help you grow your practice?

    • Feel confident in explaining non-IgE hypersensitivies
    • Get a turnkey process for success - from ordering necessary lab work, to follow-ups
    • Build confidence in your referring sources, since you now can treat their hardest patients

Food Sensitivities Home Study  $112


Here is what participants had to say about the series:

“This series had it all, in-depth information on MRT testing and food sensitivities, Q&A, openness of Michal to help and mentor offline, special deal on MRT testing.”

“Thank you Michal for your very informative presentations. I am one step closer to being trained and comfortable with food sensitivity counseling now.”

“Michal's depth and breadth of material covered was for me, a new CLT, invaluable now that I've worked with several clients. Also, invaluable that we have access to the webinars in order to go through the material again.”

“Michal Hogan has such a depth and breadth of Knowledge and Experience on the topic of Food Sensitivities.The discussions on the differences between food allergies and food sensitivities, as well as the pros and cons of various ways of testing food sensitivities were helpful. Also, listing the various symptoms that might be improved through the MRT testing and program gave me insight into what to look for in patients. I love hearing snippets of real life patients and tips that can help the RD in counseling. The course is inspiring and educational.”

In this series, you will learn:

    • Assessment and testing of the food sensitivity patient
    • Principals of a directed elimination diet
    • Principals of a rotation diet

You'll learn all of this and more in a 3-part introduction to the world of food sensitivities and directed elimination diets.

At the end of the series, you will have access to:

    1. Services that order and arrange testing for you
    2. Handouts for each session

Learn the tools of the trade that food sensitivity experts use, and how you can get started working with this very challenging but very rewarding population.

Food Sensitivities Home Study  $112


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