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Through my exercises with Margie, I was able to gain a greater sense of direction and build a better marketing message than I could have previously envisioned. She helped highlight my strengths, build confidence, and aim higher as a result. The task of starting my own business seemed daunting. I thought I was too young, or had my hands too full with my family. Margie helped me get over my doubts and realize my potential higher than I would have imagined for myself. Best of all, she guided me along the way to my dream of starting a private practice. Today, I'm fully self-employed with a successful practice. I love being my own boss and being able to build my work around my life priorities. Thank you, Margie! I'm forever grateful.
Posted By: Hannah El-Amin RD, CDE
Nutrition That Fits
You have a natural ability to simplify the business start of process and really get into people's minds to prove to themselves they CAN do this. Your advice, recommendations and words of wisdom travel with me wherever I go.
I just wanted you to know this..it is important!
Posted By: S.P.
I want you to know that your BB101 program is the big reason that I'm able to move forward with my re-branding without fear and anxiety and feel that I finally have a business that is going to be a blast and really help people have great lives!
My biggest challenge was I needed to have programs to work with clients but had no idea what to put in a program or how to get the word out and market myself and my offerings.
I learned how to design a signature system that is the foundation to all the programs I have completed. I learned steps to not just create programs but create programs that sell.
I learned to get out of my own way when it came to money and create solid money systems that support me and my business.
I learned how to develop promotional copy and how to get it out. I also learned how to have a fluid consultation with a prospective client that was seamless from finding out what they needed help with to how to make an authentic and awesome offer.
As a result of BB101, I had my biggest month ever and had a full practice. It was amazing to see that when I put the pieces in place and took action on them I got fabulous results. I earned more money, helped more people, let go of things that weren't working, began really having fun in my business, made big changes to my business (I completely re-branded in less than 2 months) and when I began I never even saw that coming. It was through this program that I was able to receive the support and encouragement that really helped me reach for what I wanted and have the courage and confidence to do it!
Posted By: Kim Ravida, CPC, ELI MP
Kim Ravida Coaching
Margie has helped me and my business transform tremendously. I was constantly challenged to be my best self and come out of my comfort zone and stand in my power. Today I can stand in my power and run my business smoothly and confidently. Thank you, Margie. You are awesome!
Posted By: Ashvini Mashru, MA, RD, LDN
Wellness Nutrition Concepts, LLC
My biggest challenge was where to start. I was at the beginning stages of building my business and I had no idea how to develop a program for my clients. I learned step by step how to create, price, package, and market the perfect programs to meet my customer’s needs.
As a result of BB101 I can confidently create and recreate products and services at different price levels. This has helped me build "know, like, trust" within my community and to grow my list. The program has also helped me increase my visibility and be known as a trusted expert in my field.
Posted By: Amy Macklin RDN
Nutrition Expert Celiac Disease
Before starting BB101, I had a vague idea for a new business. This venture meant moving way out of my comfort zone into a second career at (almost) age 60! I realized I needed help when, during our info call prior to BB 101 enrollment, Margie posed this question to me: “How will you attract your clients?” I had no answer!!! (When I said I had a vague idea, I meant vague!)

First and foremost, BB101 helped me pinpoint my ideal clients--their problems and solutions I could offer. From there, I could jump to services (how to package them to justify the pricing I would charge), a marketing talk (to help clients say "yes" to one of these packages), and the beginnings of a website (which I'm finishing in BB200). I view my relationship with money in a more positive and assertive light now.

Bottom line, BB101 gave me the confidence and tools I needed to move from "vague" to "clarity," from an idea to a fulfilling reality.

I highly recommend this course to wellness professionals who commit to making an investment in themselves to stand out from the crowd.

Thanks, Margie, for a truly transformational experience!
Posted By: Lisa Teresi Harris, MS, RD, CPT
Enduring Fitness 4U
People are willing to pay more for my services

I needed a game-plan on how to sell my service to potential clients who had no (or poor) insurance. I needed to come up with program packages including a fee structure that allowed me to get paid what I am worth.

I learned that I can make money without insurance reimbursement. There are people out there who are willing to pay more for my services than I was previously charging. I am getting better at finding/attracting/selling to these 'ideal clients'.

I have a much better description of my services on my web site, and I've gotten much better at selling my services both in-person and over the phone. I'm offering my packages to clients for weight management and food sensitivity services who have poor or no insurance coverage.

So far, the results have been very good and I anticipate things getting even better.
Posted By: Lorraine Matthews-Antosiewicz, MS, RD
NJ nutritionist
A different kind of dietitian

I learned after a car wreck years ago that food was medicine. It changed my career path and I got my MS in Nutrition…but I never felt like a regular dietitian. I went to a natural medicine school but life after school involved a lot of mainstream work. It wasn’t the dream I’d hoped for. But, in time, I married and moved across the state of Montana. I’m now older, wiser, and knew this was my opportunity to reinvent my career. I belonged to the DPG for Nutrition Entrepreneurs and came across Margie. I hired her and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.

My new married life involved living in the country and I didn’t want to commute. Margie said “Tracy, you don’t have to…..is there a reason you couldn’t have a virtual practice?” Hmmm. Well, my own belief system but nothing else. And here I am today. I not only have a successful virtual private practice, I believed in my functional medicine dream and have continued to advance my skills so that I really am “A different kind of dietitian”.

Thanks Margie! I owe ya!
Posted By: Tracy Konoske MS, RD, LD
Virtual nutritionist specializing in Integrative & Functional Medicine Healthy Lifestyles, Inc.
Margie has helped me believe in myself.

Having a successful business is my number one goal. However, I had no experience with marketing and promoting myself. I studied dietetics in undergrad and grad school, so I don’t have a business background. At the start of the program, my biggest obstacle was a lack of belief in myself.

Margie’s guidance has helped me not only to gain confidence, but also to get my business up and running in a few months time. I’ve worked with her since the beginning and the program has helped me become marketing wise.

I really enjoy having direct access to Margie as a mentor and knowing she is only a phone call or email away. In the Platinum program we get these emergency calls, which are a lifesaver. At one point, I was getting ready to talk with a prospective client and having some doubts. I got on the phone with Margie and she helped me prepare so that I could walk into the meeting and nail it!
I know I can be successful as a consultant now and working with Margie has given me the resources to do it. I’m anxious to see the results as my business grows.
Posted By: Tracy Bowman, Registered Dietitian
Performance Nutrition and Wellness
I wanted to reach more private clients.

I am a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who has primarily worked with corporate clients. Most of my experience has been consulting in various health care settings, so I know how to go into corporate and land an account. However, I wanted to change direction and reach more private clients.

My goal has been to launch a nutrition business that is focused on personalized and group nutrition. Even though I have a solid background in my field, I didn’t know what steps were necessary to build this business. I knew I could fumble around and try to figure it out on my own, but it made more sense to bring in Margie.

The expertise that Margie has in what I do technically has helped me to quickly take my passion and build the private practice side of my business. She understands both my field AND the business development side, such as setting up nutrition programs and thinking more individually. She is uniquely qualified as a business coach to help me because of her professional background.

I am in the early stages and my practice is continuing to shape and grow. I know that I will be phenomenally successful because of the guidance I’ve received.
Posted By: Nora Clemens, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionis
Nutrition and Wellness Solutions

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