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Margie gave me many tools to grow my business and to feel more confident that there is a specific direction I am heading in as well as a method to get there successfully.
Posted By: Lynda Enright
Be Well Nutrition Consulting
I continue get useful information from Margie's newsletters. I believe the links to Female Entrepreneurs Association, Adam Urbanski, and Carrie Green all came to me that way. I have a really good concept of how I want to do marketing now. I also understand list-building although before I can BUILD, I need some FB followers. (My personal page has only 7 friends and they are not potential clients so this step could take me a while!)

Thanks for all of your classes and the continuing stream of ideas in your posts.
I know my materials are quite casual but the sense of humor and laid back style is part of my overall plan of losing the stress in life and actually enjoying healthy meals. How formal can you be when your partner is a Great Dane, after all?

Food Fuels Life. Move your from now to WOW!
Posted By: Catherine Wood
Retired management RDN from Dept of Veterans Affairs
At the end of the day the success of your business is related to YOU - and that is why Marjorie Geiser has created such a successful business - because of the product and services she provides - as well as the relationships she spends time building and nurturing. Yes, business name, logo, website, domain, etc all matter - and they are part of the initial "impression" clients and potential clients will get...but never forget the value of YOU in your business.
What is unique about the services you provide? No one is going to have the same experiences or knowledge that YOU do - therefore use those unique traits to create a business that appeals to your ideal clients. Margie is a true testament and inspiration to hard work, perseverance, dedication, quality product/service, honesty, and integrity. Thank you Margie! I have been following/learning from you for 8 years now and your advice and attitude stays consistent, honest, and reliable - to me that is where the true success is!
Posted By: Yvette Quantz, RD, CSSD, LDN, CLT
Grow your confidence. I needed advice, that I knew. But what I didn't realize was how much confidence I would gain from you, Margie I am now convinced that confidence can be the most important thing you can give someone.
Posted By: Missy Porteous, MS, RD, CDE
President and CEO of LifeQuality
I had daydreamed about going into private practice for about 10 years before I signed up for Margie’s Launch Secrets webinars and worked my way thru her book, “Just Jump” in January of this year. Both of these awesome tools helped me to find my way and move forward. I was terrified of meeting with patients face-to-face even though I knew I wanted to give back to my others based on my own experiences. I discovered that I needed to work online for numerous reasons including the fact that I live in a small village in the mountains where clients would be very limited and I have spent years teaching information technology and performance improvement to dietitians as well as dietetic interns. How did I miss all of the not so subtle clues?

After many, many changes in direction, my website is now published. I have a clear process set up for identifying clients and taking them from the initial interview thru a series of self-evaluations and phone appointments to create a life they never dreamed was possible. Margie has been there whenever I had a period where my confidence ebbed. She’s optimistic, practical and always has great ideas to share. She has listened to me explain the packages I will offer and concurred with my pricing plan. Along the way, she has given me priceless gems so I can avoid learning everything by trial and error.

At age 63, I expect to finally “open my doors” for an online practice in June 2014. After years of answering to others and having no choice of clients, I get to do WHAT I want, with WHOMEVER I choose, and work the HOURS I prefer. That is MY dream coming true. (The dog also likes that we will not be having “intruders” (clients) coming into our house and disturbing his life.) Thanks, Margie. You are amazing. I only wish that my parents and husband were still alive to enjoy a Diet Coke with me on the day I finally go live!
Posted By: Catherine Wood
Food fuels life. Move your from now to WOW!
I had the pleasure of talking to Margie over email for her services. At the time, I was on a tight budget (as like most new entrepreneurs) and she recommended that I start off reading her business start up book, Just Jump.

I'm very happy that I decided to purchase and read the book. You can really see Margie's passion for helping health/fitness professionals go after their business dreams. It was encouraging and motivating, she shares lots of personal stories of others who were all in the same place as myself starting out.

Throughout the chapters you have the opportunity to do exercises that help prepare you in planning and creating your business. She discusses a variety of topics including: finding your niche, dealing with fears/doubts, organizing your time, marketing, creating your business plan and much more.

I have to say that this is just what I needed, to Just Jump in and start planning the business of my dreams. We all want to do it, we just need a little encouragement and guidance to get started and this book provided that and more. I recommend it to any other health/fitness professional wanting to start a business.
Posted By: Joshh Rager
Registered Dietitian
Through my exercises with Margie, I was able to gain a greater sense of direction and build a better marketing message than I could have previously envisioned. She helped highlight my strengths, build confidence, and aim higher as a result. The task of starting my own business seemed daunting. I thought I was too young, or had my hands too full with my family. Margie helped me get over my doubts and realize my potential higher than I would have imagined for myself. Best of all, she guided me along the way to my dream of starting a private practice. Today, I'm fully self-employed with a successful practice. I love being my own boss and being able to build my work around my life priorities. Thank you, Margie! I'm forever grateful.
Posted By: Hannah El-Amin RD, CDE
Nutrition That Fits
You have a natural ability to simplify the business start of process and really get into people's minds to prove to themselves they CAN do this. Your advice, recommendations and words of wisdom travel with me wherever I go.
I just wanted you to know this..it is important!
Posted By: S.P.
I want you to know that your BB101 program is the big reason that I'm able to move forward with my re-branding without fear and anxiety and feel that I finally have a business that is going to be a blast and really help people have great lives!
My biggest challenge was I needed to have programs to work with clients but had no idea what to put in a program or how to get the word out and market myself and my offerings.
I learned how to design a signature system that is the foundation to all the programs I have completed. I learned steps to not just create programs but create programs that sell.
I learned to get out of my own way when it came to money and create solid money systems that support me and my business.
I learned how to develop promotional copy and how to get it out. I also learned how to have a fluid consultation with a prospective client that was seamless from finding out what they needed help with to how to make an authentic and awesome offer.
As a result of BB101, I had my biggest month ever and had a full practice. It was amazing to see that when I put the pieces in place and took action on them I got fabulous results. I earned more money, helped more people, let go of things that weren't working, began really having fun in my business, made big changes to my business (I completely re-branded in less than 2 months) and when I began I never even saw that coming. It was through this program that I was able to receive the support and encouragement that really helped me reach for what I wanted and have the courage and confidence to do it!
Posted By: Kim Ravida, CPC, ELI MP
Kim Ravida Coaching
Margie has helped me and my business transform tremendously. I was constantly challenged to be my best self and come out of my comfort zone and stand in my power. Today I can stand in my power and run my business smoothly and confidently. Thank you, Margie. You are awesome!
Posted By: Ashvini Mashru, MA, RD, LDN
Wellness Nutrition Concepts, LLC

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