MEG Enterprises Affiliate Program

Become an Affiliate

Earn Monthly Commissions with the MEG Enterprises Affiliate Program!

We’ve created the Meg Enterprises Affiliate Program to reward those who refer our products and services to others. It’s just a way to say thank you for making those recommendations of our services and products to your family and friends, clients, and lists.

We’ll pay you a commission for each sale of the eligible products or services purchased via your affiliate link. It’s free to join! All you have to do is fill out the affiliate form. You can begin promoting immediately. It doesn’t even require you to have a big email list to be worthwhile. We see our affiliates earning commissions by simply using free social media tools like Twitter, and Facebook, or blogs and websites. We give you the tools and the support to make it easy to build your commissions.

By being a MEG Enterprises Affiliate, you’ll receive…

  • 20% commission on each sale of eligible products, programs, events
  • No maximum on earning potential
  • Fast and reliable commission payments, with real-time sales tracking
  • e-mail notifications every time you make a sale

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

Anyone can sign up as a MEG Enterprises Affiliate, as long as they only use honest and ethical marketing methods to promote our products and services. Our affiliate/shopping cart system does all the tracking for us and handles every detail. When you register as an affiliate, you can log-in at any time and view your stats. How easy!

How and When Do I Get Paid?

Once you’ve earned $50 or more, we Paypal payments at the beginning of the month.

Unfortunately, we can’t allow commissions on self-referrals (products or services purchased with the individual’s own affiliate link).

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